!NOW becomes part of the NIKandNIK Group

As of 01 January 2021, Now Advertising Agency Ltd. will be part of NIKandNIK Group Ltd. With the complete takeover of Now Advertising Agency Ltd., NIKandNIK Group Ltd enters the advertising market. !NOW will be integrated into the group, but will continue to operate as an independent company and under its existing name. In this way, the strong brand, the regional anchoring and the awareness will be preserved. The service portfolio is enlarged by this takeover and further synergies can be used. All existing employees will be taken on. Dominik A. Lüthi will take over as CEO on 1 January 2021.

Founded in Basel in 1989, Now Advertising Agency Ltd. has a strong presence and manages projects on a national and international level. As a full-service advertising agency, !NOW works with its clients from the integrated strategy, design – which conveys information and understanding – through to user experience and effective implementation at all touchpoints.